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Frank Dudek, President

At Dudek, we want to build good relationships, effective collaborations, and successful projects, that is, we want happy, satisfied clients.

It can be difficult and frustrating complying with today's interdependent and interlocking regulatory laws, and requires a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals. To get projects approved and built they must understand each client's needs and goals, and those of the regulatory community. They must work together well as a team with clients and vendors, and often with the regulatory community and the public.  Success requires experience, energy, diligence, patience, and responsiveness.

Founded in California in 1980, we have developed and crafted our professional skills in one of the world's largest and toughest regulatory environments.  Expanding now in the western United States, we have repeatedly applied those skills to assist our clients to manage, maintain, repair, restore, and build infrastructure, facilities, and resources.

Focusing in water/wastewater, energy, transportation, land and community development, healthcare, and education, we have increasingly become the 'go-to' consultant for highly complex as well as routine projects.  We strive to hire and promote aspiring professionals who enjoy working together and with your team, and who exemplify our culture of competence, innovation, and optimism.

We have grown to more than 400 environmental planners, scientists, engineers, technicians, and construction professionals with a portfolio of thousands of successful projects. We understand concerned citizenry, environmental goals and constraints, overlapping political jurisdictions, and unique technical and regulatory challenges.  Try us. We will make your job and project easier.

Thank you all for your continued and growing support.

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Frank Dudek
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