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Frank Dudek, President

Our 300-plus environmental planners, scientists, engineers and technical staff are bullish on California, and enjoy helping California’s public agencies, institutions, landowners and businesses succeed in improving and expanding their infrastructure and facilities.   

With the world's 8th largest economy and abundant natural resources, California provides unique opportunities to live and work.

But California is like a giant Sudoku puzzle when it comes to getting public and private sector projects approved. There are complex regulatory requirements, a concerned citizenry and many overlapping political jurisdictions.       
We understand California’s complexities and issues, and have long-established ties within  the local communities we serve.  We know how to get difficult projects permitted, entitled, designed and built.

Since 1980, we’ve provided our clients environmental, permitting, planning, engineering, construction and operational services. Our professionals focus on our  clients’ everyday problems and issues, establish long-term collaborative relationships and successfully achieve cost-effective results.

We’re motivated to improve Californian’s quality of life by providing high-level professional services. We strive to be California’s “go-to” services firm; California based, focused and employee-owned.

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Frank Dudek
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